Q: What is boudoir?

Q: Will my photos be posted online?

Q: What do I wear?

I have a prep list that will give you some suggestions on what to bring. I always say just bring whatever you feel the most confident and makes you say "damn, girl" when you look in the mirror. Click here to see the prep list.

Q: I have never done this before and don't think I'll be very good at posing.
Will you give me direction?

Of course! I will coach you every step of the way and make you feel as comfortable as possible to ensure you look your best.

All the photographs you see on my portfolio are of women who have given me permission to use their images online. I am so grateful when clients allow me to share their images but I respect people's right to privacy, so if you are not comfortable having your images online, that is totally fine and your images will be kept private.

Q: Is hair and makeup available?

Definitely. I have a list of trusted, talented vendors that I can get on board for your session to make you feel like a million bucks! 





Q: Do you photograph nudes?

I love photographing tasteful, artistic nudes and am completely comfortable with it. However, I will not take images that are vulgar or pornographic.


Boudoir photography is more than just a photo shoot; it's an experience. It's meant to empower women and remind them of how truly beautiful and powerful they are in their own skin. Everyone has the ability to be sexy and confident and my job as a photographer is to bring that out in my clients and show them the beauty they already naturally possess.


Q: I don't have a good shooting space in my home. Do you have somewhere to shoot?


I have a space in my apartment in South Granville, Vancouver that I use for boudoir sessions. Click here to view info. Other options are shooting in an outdoor location (my personal favourite), hotel or Air B&B.

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