prep list


STUMPED on what to bring to your boudoir session?

here are some tips!

My suggestion is to bring enough stuff for 2-4 looks. We want enough so that there is some variety but anymore than 4 can be overwhelming. If bright colours are your thing, that's great, but just note that bright colours can reflect onto skin and cause strange discolouration, so muted/neutral tones are best.
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself! So if none of this suits you, no worries, bring whatever you makes you feel good! These are just suggestions.

lingerie, bra/panty set, bralette, body suit, silk robe, large sweater + booty shorts, thigh highs, anything lacy, significant other's t-shirt or uniform, shawl, flowy fabric or absolutely nothing! ;)

high heels, pearls, beaded headpiece, flower crowns, chokers

- Wear loose fitting clothes the day of so there are no lines
- Try to shower the day before. Your hair will hold better if it is a tad dirty
- Moisturize your skin. I will try to have some lotion on hand if you forget
- If you're going to tweeze anything, do it the night before so there is no redness
- Groom nails
- Get a good nights sleep the night before
- Eat a healthy meal in the morning and drink lots of water!



additional notes




I look forward to working with you and making you feel beautiful!